Autumnal Equinox and beyond…



The Autumnal Equinox happens this Thursday, 9/22. As we all prepare for shorter days and longer nights, don’t worry! We can fill your evening social calendar with The °C/°F Reading Series. Coming up: Laura Jaramillo and David Need speak today, 9/21, in The Azalea Room at 4:30.

The °C/°F Reading Series

Speaking of Autumnal Equinoxes, I know between lectures and readings and the general cacophony of grad school, we have all been working on our own Autumnal Equinox Altars/Offerings…but if you’re short on inspiration, maybe looking to the delightfully absurd Morton Hall Shrine would give you some ideas. Though, the Morton Hall Shrine is a shrine for all seasons, you can learn more about it in last week’s edition of the Seahawk. They do a lovely write-up of the spirit and general intention behind the #KeepMortonWeird movement.

The Seahawk

For advice to take with you (from now and beyond the Equinox), our Grad Coordinator, Dr. Sweeney, circulated an older article from The Chronicle of Higher Education this week. The article gives indispensable advice for navigating your first year of grad school.

Welcome to Graduate School

Dr. Sweeney’s biggest takeaways:

•Prioritize the actual work. Many students arrive at graduate school with an eye toward the conferences, the journal publications, or being a great teaching assistant…. Be a student for the first year. Consume all you can in terms of the basic methods and theories.

•Take notes by hand, and take them constantly, in class and when reading.

•And without a doubt, if you have even a small paper due in a seminar, proofread, proofread, and proofread.

Beyond these, as a final note, the author reminds us to be kind to our cohort—but, also be kind to yourself! A commenter on the article wants us to remember that self-care is important, too. Download that meditation app. Try out that spin class. Go to that poetry slam for your soul!




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